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DVD Reviews:  Nasty's World

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
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Nasty's World follows the trials and tribulations of BMX dirt jumping champ Cory "Nasty" Nastazio and the effort he makes toward getting at the X Games for fame and fortune on his bike.

This is not a standard action sports DVD with scenic shots of a pro blasting tricks all over the place. We get a close behind the scenes look at a young man coming up in the sport and the many, many falls he's had trying to be number one in the world in his chosen sport.

The thing I liked so much about this disc is that it didn't glamourise the characters for one instant. Cory comes across as a kid who seems caught a bit in a world that he i not fully ready for and the interaction he has with his mother is touching and comic at the same time.

If you are expecting a disc filled with BMX trickery, you had better rethink this purchase as this disc is a pretty damn honest look at what is needed to make it to the pro's in the BMX world, and it's certainly not all peaches and cream. The guys who compete at this level devote 110% of their time and energy making sure that they get it right. Add to that the knowledge that one wrong move could potentially cripple or permanently incapacitate and you get an idea of the pressure they are under.

I found the DVD to be a must watch type of feature and was very impressed with the technique they had used to tell Nasty's story. In fact even my wife enjoyed the disc which is saying something. Then at the very end of the feature when things aren't going too great for Nasty, they show a lot of footage of him being a tool. This was so annoying that it actually nudged the score down from 9.5 to 9.2, which is still testament to the quality of the feature in it's entirety.

I'd have to say that this disc is a must own DVD and an interesting bio on one of the most dynamic and entertaining riders in BMX dirt jumping today. It is of such quality that even people who are not fans of the sport should at the very least appreciate it.


This flick is full screen and doesn't suffer as a result. The picture is pretty damn grainy throughout and you do have to consider the fact that it probably was predominately shot on Mini DV, if not it's pretty ordinary.

Even when dealing with the grain, the viewer can't really find anything to really complain about. The grain comes across as a gritty view of the home life of Nasty and suits the feature perfectly. On the overall, this is a very watchable DVD.


Nothing really to go on about here, there are some cool songs to go with the feature, but once again it's not going to be something critics rave over but certainly doesn't lack anything.


Whilst there are extras on the disc, it feels more like a deleted scenes section than anything else. Nasty gives his viewpoint on a number of things and people. It's short and sweet and to the point. Not a lot of meat in the extras, but all the same still cool to hear. Possibly the funniest thing you will hear on there is Nasty raving about Dave Mirra and using an analogy about a horse stud to describe him.

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