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DVD Reviews:  Kylie Kwong - Heart & Soul

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Kate Esler
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 210 Minutes

Kylie Kwong is a young, new and fresh Australian chef. She is full of enthusiasm and great food ideas and that is why this disc, ‘Kylie Kwong’s cooking with heart and soul,’ is such a great watch. There are two discs to this series. Disc One features four episodes, Bamboo, Spice, Rice and Shellfish and these each contain five dishes as does disc two, which features the same layout as disc one, four episodes, Noodles, Mushrooms, Eggs and Marinades each with their own separate dishes.

To me, Kylie Kwong is a familiar name, not one that has been widely exposed, but one that has been mentioned enough to realise that she has a big future in cooking and television. She possesses a passion for food that is such an appealing quality in a cooking show. She explains each dish down to the last ingredient and she tells us what she expects from each of her creations.

Throughout her episodes she manages to explain a lot of the basic and essential ingredients needed for a wide variety of dishes.

Something that is also a great asset to her is that she is from Chinese heritage. She uses this, and traditional family recipes, to enhance her cooking styles and abilities. She says her favourite things about cooking are the tastes, textures and sounds of food and we shouldn’t be afraid to get our hands dirty, its part of the fun.

This is a great disc to watch is you are interested in cooking dishes that not only sound delicious but look it too. The qualities I want in a TV chef are, someone who is laid back and fun and someone who can talk a lot. Kylie Kwong definitely lives up to these expectations. In my opinion, she is close to being a female Jamie Oliver.

Give this disc a look for sure, especially if you want to learn more about Asian cooking.


The disc is shown in 16:9


Featured is a really mellow soundtrack, which helps set the tone and the mood of the show. The shows actual soundtrack is stereo only.


There are no extras on either of the discs but, with cooking programs they are rarely needed.

Kylie Kwong: Heart and Soul Features

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