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DVD Reviews:  Jamie Oliver: Oliver's Twist

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Kate Esler
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 203 Minutes

What can you say about Jamie Oliver. He is definitely a British gem. His TV series, Oliver's Twist, has taken the world by storm. This series is not only interesting but fun. Jamie cooks fantastic and easy meals that everyone can have a go at. In my opinion, there are really no words to express the wonder that is Jamie!!!!!

The disc features seven episodes and each seem to have a theme. Jamie cooks for his life long friends and his grandmother and her friends, he is just a sweety at heart. Each episode has a purpose and this is part of the series' appeal. Oliver cooks meals that everyone can have a go at. He encourages everyone to get into the kitchen and gives some great tips for getting the kids involved. He explains every single step that he does, making it easy to understand each recipe. Also included are a list of all the starters, main courses, puddings and drinks that Jamie is going to cook throughout the episodes.

He chooses meals that everyone could cook and find a use for. One episode features Jamie making Bloody Mary's for his mates and cooking them a "full monty" breakfast to cure any hangover. The disc features great background music and has a really catchy theme song.

With his boy-next-door looks and charm, Jamie Oliver was always destined to be a huge success. He is so confident in his cooking and his attitude that you cant help but love him and what he is cooking. I have definitely become addicted to each of the different series' that he has had and I have bought his cook books. The most appealing part about Jamie Oliver is that he is just one of 'us.' He has not let fame go to his head. We can tell that he would do anything for his family and his friends. He absolutely adores his wife and kids and he cooks real food for real people. He involves pieces from his everyday life and he is obviously proud of what he has. I know that I now look forward to tuning in and seeing Jamie hoon around on his moped.

Even if you don't enjoy cooking, watch this DVD just for the pure entertainment value, if nothing else.


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