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DVD Reviews:  Iggy Pop - Kiss My Blood: Live at the Olympia '91

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 107 Minutes

Iggy Pop is a rock 'n roll icon and this explosive performance at the Olympia is proof positive of this. The stage came to life with Pop stalking and dancing in his flailing trademarked manner. All the hits of the time were sung and man got into the performance, giving his heart and soul over to the music.

The tracklisting for this concert was:

Raw Power
5 Foot 1
Lust For Life
China Girl
I Got A Right
Buff Town
Real Wild Child
My Baby Want To R' N' R
Neon Forest
Brick By Brick
I Wanna Be Your Dog
No Fun
Search And Destroy
Down On The Street
The Passenger
Lovie Lovie
Foxy Lady

This is one DVD that you would only purchase if you were a fan of the man and his music. Considering the performance is held together by the sheer intensity of Iggy and the music, the camera is almost fixed primarily on him throughout the performance in it's entirety. There is nothing else to attract the attention of the camera really, and you will find that it's all that you need.

Watch the performance even if you are not a fan and I think you will come away with a greater appreciation of Iggy Pop and the music that he creates. His wiry frame almost seems to discharge kinetic energy as he thrashes himself about during each song, arms and legs akimbo.

This is a great DVD in terms of the performance given by the artist and well worth adding to a music DVD collection.


The video is pretty ordinary for this DVD actually and there is a screener stating this at the start of the DVD. Whilst it is grainy all the way through, the quality never gets so terrible that it is unwatchable or detracts from you. The show is presented in a 4x3 full frame format.


5.1 Dolby Digital - Now this is where it gets nice. The whole DVD has been remastered into a lovely surround mix that uses all the channels appropriately. There is not a lot to complain about here with regards to audio, however most younger people won't appreciate the good job done transferring it to a 5.1 mix as that now is the norm rather than the exception.


Extras are pretty much non existant on here with a discography and Umbrella Propaganda for other titles.

Iggy Pop: Kiss My Blood - Live at the Olympia '91 Features

  • Discography

  • Umbrella Propaganda


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