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DVD Reviews: Iggy Pop - Jesus?.. This is Iggy

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 11 December 2002
Distributed by: The AV Channel

This insightful DVD from the AV Channel focuses on DVD is fantastic. Iggy Pop is long credited with being one of the godfathers of modern punk music with his outspoken lyrics and devil may care attitude. Born James Jewel Osterberg Jr., Iggy and the Stooges took the USA and Europe by storm.

Most of the footage taken is from French television and in fact the documentary was originally done in France and called Lust for Life before being retitled for this release. It features old footage and also the man himself being very candid about his past and what he was thinking at particular points in his career.

The fascinating thing with this DVD is the story naturally enough with it's no holds barred look back at Iggy's life. Add to that the fact that the man was banned from performing in his own country and you have a riveting must watch documentary.

There are many snippets of live performances and it would have been nice if they could have been included in their entirety. Also, for a long time fan of punk music it was great to see albeit too short, the Sex Pistols briefly featured as UK punk saw it's debut.

The friendship with David Bowie is also featured in some detail and quite rightly so; the man brought Iggy back into the mainstream acceptance from relative obscurity.

As far as extras go, this disc is very sparse and there are no real extras of note. The photo gallery is interesting but the details get lost for the most part. They would have been better presented as full screen shots.

All things said and done Iggy Pop - Jesus?.. This is Iggy is a brilliant watch and well worth your money if you are after information on the formation of punk (although it's a term that Iggy hates) and the man himself.

Iggy Pop - Jesus?.. This is Iggy Features

  • Motion Menu
  • Umbrella Propaganda
  • Image Gallery
  • Selected Discography


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