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DVD Reviews:  Hi-5: It's A Hi-5 Christmas

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 54 Minutes

This wonderful disc is just what the doctor ordered to keep the kids happy up until the big day finally arrives. I know that my kids certainly love the title and the songs are catchy enough that adults will enjoy it as well.

At first I thought the disc was simply going to be a live show with the gang singing songs from all time favourite Christmas shows live on stage. What was to follow was a wonderful Christmas adventure involving all the usual Hi-5 cast doing their regular skits but following a seasonal theme. Everything works well and the stage and prerecorded events are meshed well together in a cohesive manner that the kids love.

One of the weird things about Christmas in Australia is that we sing songs about snow and the winter, whereas many of us have never seen the snow let alone actually had a white Christmas. Hi-5 celebrate the uniqueness of the Australian festive season and it's all good as it addresses things that our little tackers can relate to. A particular thing to note would be when Hi-5 give Santa a pair of board shorts as his present. Only in Australia!

Audio and video is great as per usual and there are only 10 commercials for Hi-5 products and a karaoke feature. My kids absolutely loved this DVD and I know that yours will too. A great thing about the disc is that it will auto start if no one pushes buttons, which is great for when you put in the disc then forget to hit play.

Highly recommended and one that the kids will go nuts over this Christmas.


Hi-5: It's a Hi-5 Christmas Features

  • 10 TV Spots

  • Karaoke


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