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DVD Reviews:  Heat Guy J 01: Super Android

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 100 Mins

This series looks at the relationship between two cops in a specialist unit with a twist; one of them, J is a steam powered android with amazing abilities that are constantly on call to help his partner, Daisuke Aurora. 

Fighting crime in the city of Judah is like a cyberpunkís dream, however belonging to a secret government organisation also has itís perils, especially when another super powered behemoth is ripping the underworld apart and normal authorities seem powerless to stop them. 

On top of that there is also a gang war underway with a young and psychotic man being given the keys to the Family and all the privileges that the title gives. Forming an army of mutated ex and escaped prisoners, there is going to be all out war unless it can be averted. 

There are four episodes on the disc and they are:

  • 1.      Guy

  • 2.      War

  • 3.      Bomb

  • 4.      Chaos 

The pacing and characterisation of this series is very well realised and I think that most viewers will identify and enjoy the main characters of J and Daisuke. Animation is sensational and the feeling of power when J fully activates is almost palpable when his steam engine kicks in. The graphic style of the series uses many special visual tricks to get the story across. 

Without giving away key plot elements, I can say quite readily that the ending is a cliffhanger that will have you hanging for the next
DVD in the series.


16:9 aspect ratio is used on this one and the entire feature as far as I could see was flawless. There is nothing to complain about as far as the appearance of this disc goes. A number of animating tricks have been used such as lens flares and soft focus to great effect.


Audio sounds really good on this title despite the fact that itís only in Dolby 2.0 regardless of whether or not the mix is English or Japanese. The dubbing has been well done and sounds good, as opposed to some features where the English soundtrack sounds so out of place that it really should not have been put there.


Not a single thing here!

Heat Guy J 01: Super Android Features

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