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DVD Reviews:  Graffiti Rock

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Andrew B
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Graffiti Rock and other Hip Hop Delights is a music documentary/music video about the origin of hip hop in America. The majority of footage on this DVD was taken from the original television series called Graffiti Rock that was one of the most popular and shortly lived music series on television in New York City. When hip hop first started in the US, no one believed that it would reach the epidemic status that it has achieved today and many of the artists on this disc never had multi-million dollar contracts with music giant such as Sony Music.

The DVD also showcases artists with some of their earliest performances that include hip hop greats such as  Run DMC, Doug E. Fresh and Kool Moe Dee who still sound quite impressive considering how unpolished they sound. This DVD also has a variety of different genres of hip hop music from MC's, DJ's, some extremely entertaining 1980's dancing that can only bring a smile to your face. This DVD is a spotlight on the origins of hip hop before it became commercialised and I would recommend this to anyone who loves classic hip hop or wants a "historical" music documentary.


The video quality of Graffiti Rock isn't the best transfer I have ever seen but considering that much of the footage of the movie was filmed with substandard 1980's equipment, it is still quite acceptable. 


The audio quality of Graffiti Rock features Dolby Digital 2.0 and although it doesn't use the speakers to its full advantage, it will still make you bop along to the various hip hop music that graces this DVD.

Graffiti Rock will probably be passed over by many Australians but if you are interested in music history and you wish to see hip hop in its purest form, than you might want to check out this music extravaganza!

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