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DVD Reviews: Excel Saga Volume 2: Missions Improbable

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Review Date: 18 May 2003
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 100 Minutes

Excel Saga isn’t really my type of manga, it seems like an ordinary teen manga series until the sweet over reacting main character, ‘Excel’ starts swearing her head off, with F’s and S’s flying all over the place.   

The lovely dear is in on a plot to destroy the city, but with a new government agency appearing makes her job that much harder.  The new government agency consists of three men and one hot chick, the girl actually tells off the director for the close up on her body; funny if your twelve years old.  The government agents carry new sophisticated, but untested laser handguns, during their training the government agents’ fire a shot off into the mountains, just to test them.  Totally obliterating the mountain, the agents are surprised by the guns firepower and its light weight “toy” feel.  In doing so the team of agents foil Excels plans to destroy the city; this is the type of silly antics that do not impress me, they are more of an annoyance. 

The series definitely has a non-serious feel throughout its entirety, the characters are badly drawn and the fast moving motion of the characters proves to be worse.  However the artists have the ability to draw at a much greater level, though I think they’re just too lazy to make the effort.  There are a number of scenes, very few, that display the illustrators’ capability but it seems as though they are just pumping out the episodes and not taking too much care in the drawings.   

With a blatant rip off of poor little Pikachu there is an evil organization of creatures known as Pukuu’s, they appear to be cute and nice but in actual fact they will drain the life force from you if given the chance.  There are a few instances of the Pukuu popping up here and there, and they’re scary as hell.  One minute they’re nice and cuddly the next they have thick evil eye brows and proper eyes then they start speaking some nasty s*!t.   

I only found it funny 5% of the time boring 10% and just lame for 85%.  The imagination put into the story line was pathetic it just seems as though they needed an excuse to draw low quality cartoons, pick up the drawing quality and it just might be passable.  DVD extras were basically non existent just some boring slide shows and madman propaganda.

Excel Saga Vol. 2: Missions Improbable Features

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  • Japanese TV Slots
  • Japanese CD Single Spots
  • Japanese CD Soundtrack Spots
  • Production Sketches
  • Original Menchi Advertisements
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