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DVD Reviews:  Dig 25

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Distributed by:
Running Time: 45 Mins

Dig 25 is an odd DVD to review as it tries to do heaps, however doesn't quite come through with the goods all the time. What we are faced with is 25 short films about some of the most popular riders in BMX today and some riding that is nothing short of spectacular.

Scenic locations, superb riding, so what could be wrong with this disc? Well lots unfortunately and the thing that stands out the most is that many of the segments actually feel unfinished and don't do justice to the term short film.

Add to that the fact that I am almost positive I have seen some of these clips in other DVDs and you could imagine my disappointment. Don't get me wrong, the footage here is nothing short of amazing most of the time, however when you have just recently seen footage that looks practically the same there is a problem. To explain; it appears that a lot of the footage used is straight from the Nasty's World DVD, or at least the same camera that shot it, these might be the things that weren't used in that feature.

The second half of the disc is much stronger than the first with what appears to be more attention to detail in terms of telling a story or getting a point across. Considering that the run time is only about 45 minutes, you do get the cream of the disc pretty quickly.

Do I recommend it? You know what, I still do despite it's inherent shortcomings and the general bagging I feel that I have given it. However if you are tossing up between this and Nasty's World, either give one a miss or take some time between viewings as there is enough overlap to make you think that Dog On A Bike have taken a bit of a lend of us.

My favourite parts on this disc were the freestyle riding hands down. A quite enjoyable disc, however bear in mind the gripes I had with it. Also be aware that due to the fact there are no extras at all, you are just getting 45 minutes of action so hunt around for the best price to pay for it.


OK, we are dealing with full screen here and such a diversity of quality that at times you will weep. For the most part the quality is bearable through to good and then you get the TJ Lavin piece near the end of the disc and the quality is shocking to the point there appears to be no detail on the hills he is riding and the ground is an unnatural orange.

There are mpeg artifacts on the disc in a number of sections and also dithering around riders, giving them a jagged appearance.


Good mix of tunes on this one, but nothing too extreme for the adrenaline junkies, it was for the most part, music I'd more often associate with another sport I like, Inline Skating. The tracks were a little bit arty farty for the subject matter, whereas I just wanted to hear stuff that went off.


Nope, nothing on this disc for you other than the feature. Oh wait you can select chapters! There could and should have been more here.

Dig 25 Features

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