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DVD Reviews: Busy Buses The Series 26 Episodes

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 15 June 2003
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 130 Minutes

ABC Home video presents this delightful disc that the Kids will love about a group of buses that are located at a busy Terminal. Each bus has its own distinct personality and they all have adventures in which they help each other and discover new things. 

The buses are cute and personalised with faces, hair and the like. The adventures they have are amusing and sure to keep the kids entertained. 

The town of Chummley is where the buses carry out their day to day lives. Being computer generated, this series does differ from Thomas the Tank Engine and the disc has 26 fun-filled episodes that only run for about five minutes each, ensuring that your little ones don't lose interest. Here is a listing of each episode title:

01. Sammy Meets a Monster.
02. Stephanie and the Queen.
03. Harry Gets Spooked.
04. Colin Needs a Bath.
05. Sammy Nearly Takes Off.
06. Arnold Gets Lost.
07. Stephanie’s Bumpy Day.
08. Sammy’s First Day at School.
09. Stephanie Gets Soaked.
10. Susan Runs Away.
11. Arnold in a Tight Spot.
12. Arnold’s Special Passenger.
13. Sammy in the Snow.
14. Roger Slips Up.
15. Susan Goes Pink.
16. Arnold’s Brother Archie.
17. Sammy Has a Paddle.
18. Roger Meets His Chums.
19. Arnold Gets a New Coat.
20. Frank Comes to Visit.
21. Stephanie’s Bossy Day.
22. Sammy Wins the Day.
23. Arnold Gets Sick.
24. Mr Spector’s Flowers.
25. Sammy and the Wrong Day.
26. Sammy and the Acrobatic Bus.


Like Thomas, the series is narrated and there is not any real surround activity, most of the sound comes from the front channels, and the video is a full screen 4:3 ratio. The disc is single layer, and you can see some telltale compression, but nothing the kids will notice.


Busy Buses The Series 26 Episodes

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