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DVD Reviews: Brum: Airport and other stories


The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 14 February 2003
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 52 Minutes

Brum is a little car that goes about on a day to day basis saving people from hazards and bad guys. He is a miniature vintage car that stands about roughly a quarter the size of a real car and he lives in a garage filled with other full sized vintage vehicles.

There are a number of adventures on this disc and they are all about 10-11 minutes long which is perfectly long enough to hold a young child's attention from beginning to end.

The episodes on this disc are:

Brum and the Airport Adventure:
Brum has to recover jewels stolen from a celebrity at the airport. Brum has to race and stop the two crooks before they get away with the loot.

Brum and the Naughty Dog:
Brum has to get an inquisitive pooch out of strife.

Brum and the Pizzeria:
The crooks have dressed up as crooks in this one and it's up to Brum to stop them getting away with the stolen money.

Brum and the Gymnast:
Brum chases a gymnast hoop through town trying to get it back to the athlete before the competition starts. Can he do it?

Brum and the King of Thieves:
A thief comes to the Big Town and steals a crown. This thief is a master of disguise so it'll be up to Brum to see through the costumes and catch the crook!

For the most part, each episode is a delight to watch and should keep the kids riveted to the tele. There is plenty of colour and wonderful music to amuse and the sheer antics of Brum and Co. are wonderful.  I would suggest however possibly only letting the kids watch one or two episodes at a time as it does wear on a bit even for the most die hard little person who loves cars.

The sound quality of the disc is nice and clear using Dolby 2.0 sounds. From what I could tell, I did not hear the subwoofer used during the disc at all, however the two satellites certainly were extensively used.

Picture quality was again good however occasionally I did notice that there was a bit of blurring when a lot of action took place, normally the result of a bit of compression on the disc in order to fit more on it. It doesn't detract from the DVD much, however enough to take the score down just a little. There is not a lot of talking during the show, just a young child narrates the action as we see it on the screen. All sounds are clear though and the chase music is great fun to listen to.

All things said and done, this is a disc that you will get a fair bit of use out of and worth the purchase.

Brum: Airport and other stories Features

  • Top Secret Files
  • Bag of Gags
  • Brum Quiz


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