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DVD Reviews:  Blues Clues - Get to Know Joe

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Distributed by:
Paramount Pictures

My kids love Blues Clues and this DVD was no exception to that rule. This disc covers the transition of the old host Steve to the show being taken over by his brother Joe. Joe shares the same wide eyed fascination with everything that Steve had and the program handles the change over of hosts very well.

I know that some of our younger viewers will be getting out their handy dandy notebooks and trying to figure out why Steve is not going to be there anymore. Needless to say that Joe is such a likeable character that he will no doubt be accepted by most of the audience very quickly. The four episodes, "Joe's First Day", "Joe Gets A Clue", "Steve Goes to College" and "The Big Book About Us" are thoughtfully plotted out and kids have the comfort of Steve introducing his brother Joe to the house and Blue as Steve is heading of to college (read: Steve is looking for a job elsewhere).

The quality of this DVD ensures that it will be watched over and over again (as it is in my house). Whilst kid's DVD doesn't have all the bells and whistles as a rule, this disc looks and sounds great and does the format justice. It's worth parent's time to read the parent's guide in the Special  Features as they do take the time to explain Steve's departure and fill you in on what is happening with the series.

To the credit of newcomer Joe, he does fill the big shoes left by Steve very nicely.  For the last 6 years and about 90 plus episodes, Steve has been the reassuring host of BC and the transition of character types was really well done with the kids even helping Joe play his first game of Blues Clues ever!

I'd recommend this DVD as it truly is a lot of fun and your kids will have a ball watching it.


Blues Clues - Get to Know Joe Features

  • Blues Clues 100th Episode Celebration

  • Parents Guide


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