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DVD Reviews:  Biohunter

The Final Say!

Feature Score:
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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 60 Minutes

From the very raunchy and shocking opening to this title, Biohunter will have you by the throat, the thing is you will also have visions of Resident Evil in your heads the whole time as well as the anime constantly reminded me of that video game and movie in the subject matter and also story progression. The main difference being that some of our heroes in this one are actually infected by the Demon Virus, yet have managed to control it to the point that they are effective in hunting down other people who are infected and stopping them from taking human life.

When an infected human starts hunting women to feast on their livers it's time for the Biohunters to step in and find a psychic who can help them before it's too late and the legion of infected monsters can take over.

Get the feeling there is not a lot of story here? Me too, however I can say that I did enjoy the feature and was not bored at any stage. Despite the M rating, I am here to warn you that it's pretty full on and even an MA rating would have been more appropriate. Nudity, sex and violence abound in this one, all the good stuff! I think that with a running time of 60 minutes this one will hold up as good entertainment, as longer would be flogging a dead horse.

The quality of the audio and video is of a high standard which is more the rule than the exception with most anime now being made with a digital source in the first place with little need for conversions being done from analogue. There are no problems with audio dubbing and the soundtrack is in a 5.1 Dolby Digital Mix. There are little in the way of extras with only some storyboard images and trailers to flesh out this release.

I enjoyed this release however the premise behind it is a bit tired and as previously stated, if it had run longer than an hour I would have turned it off. I know that sounds weird but within that space of time I could get lost in the story. Longer or dwelling on it makes you start to draw comparisons between Biohunter and other horror titles that are very very similar to it.

I'd consider renting this one if you are the casual anime fan as it's not for everyone.

Biohunter Features

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