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DVD Reviews: Berserk Vol. 2: Immortal Soldier

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Review Date: 23 February 2003
Distributed by:
The AV Channel
Running Time: 100 Minutes

Immortal Soldier the second installation of Berserk begins at the start of a very important battle, now that the Hawks have joined the war effort they must fight where they are told to, and in doing so have become one of the most feared factions of the allies of midland. 

The great warrior known as Zodd the immortal has taken up refuge in a keep under assault by the raiders. Guts being the head strong psycho that he is heads into the keep by himself to face the man who has so far destroyed over 500 of his soldiers only to find a muscle bound ugly man holding a dead body on his sword. When Guts attacks the great monster, Zodd is impressed by Guts’ power and skill. Guts defends against many an attack from the creature.  As the creature gets more and more impressed by his skill, he gets cocky and Guts lands a blow and splices the creature’s sword and impales him.  The creature known as Zodd morphs into a huge red hairy demon enraged and eager to battle an equal.   

Excited by the epic fight Zodd is prepared to face, he attacks with great power and ferocity getting the better of Guts. At that moment Griffith arrives and launches volley after volley of arrows with the assistance of archers at the beast which only aggravates Zodd.  Zodd kills many archers and Griffith and Guts fight the beast, lopping off one of its limbs. Griffith is knocked out and the creature sees the baylet around Griffith’s neck also called the “crimson banage of the god hand” the creature explains how once Griffith has reaches his goal to rule, Guts WILL DIE.   

Back at Midlands headquarters Griffith falls into great favor with the king and the court and that of the kings beautiful daughter.  That bloody idiot with a big head from the opposition brags about how great he is and just fails again at Guts’ hand, and now all the women in the kingdom have the hots for Griffith. 

An assassination attempt on Griffiths life by a jealous royal ass is foiled by the baylet around his neck, Griffith then orders Guts to assassinate the royal guy in return leaving you hanging for the next episode. 

One great thing not to miss on any of the DVD’s is the hilarious outtakes, it’s fantastic and couldn’t be funnier: the guys that control the voices make up funny lines including stuffed up lines to just stupid stuff and singing great. 

Quality of the picture was ok in this DVD though allot of time was obviously spent on the creature known as Zodd, there where a few scenes that were lacking some quality, sound again was great in this one.

Berserk Vol. 2: Immortal Soldier

  • Production Sketches
  • Art Gallery
  • Outtakes
  • Berserk Trailer
  • Madman Propaganda


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