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PC Reviews: Quality Manager Toolkit 2000: System Development Tools

Quality Manager Toolkit 2000: System Development Tools by Qudos allows businesses to create their own quality system that follows the ISO 9000 standards. The package contains a variety of sample documents that are all accessible by the Microsoft Office family of software packages and includes policy manuals, procedures, forms, letters and one of the most comprehensive training presentations that I've had the pleasure of watching. Quality Manager Toolkit 2000 is aimed at a variety of businesses from the small family business to giant monolithic corporations.

Quality Manager Toolkit 2000 Features

  • Low price - only a fraction of consultancy fees
  • May be used in any industry
  • Addresses both the 1994 and 2000 ISO 9000 standards

Quality Manager Toolkit 2000 features (continued)

  • Works with your all popular word processors (including Microsoft Word)
  • Hundreds of different types of sample documents (Policy manuals, procedures, forms, letters & job descriptions)
  • Easy to understand user guide
  • Over one hour of training presentations
  • Various case studies that include trade, professional, service, horticultural and multi-site business organisations

Quality Manager Toolkit 2000 (now known as Toolkit for this review) was a strange product to review because it's not really a software program but more a manual on how to successfully run a business. The beauty of Toolkit is that no installation is required and you just have to merely put your CD into your CDROM drive and it automatically loads the software. The menu allows the user to choose from a variety of options that included a guided tour, ISO 9000 information, case studies, presentations, main sample documents, forms, letter and memo templates, job descriptions and various other tools such as the different business programs to help make your business run better.

The presentations are easily the most comprehensive business tutorials that I have ever seen and the company boasts over 1 hour of informative presentations. To run a presentation, you just simply have to click on the relevant presentation and then sit back and watch the magic. You do need a mouse to manoeuvre through the program though. The program also contains a plethora of Letter and Memo templates that is divided into the following sections;

- Customers
- Human Resources
- Improvements
- Management
- & Suppliers

Toolkit also contains a variety of different case studies that include diverse topics such as the legal practice, electrical contractors and even travel agent documentations.

Want to create professional looking job descriptions, then simply just click on Job Descriptions and click on the most relevant job that you wish to advertise. There are also dozens of files about business strategies, sample procedures and just about anything else that has to do with the everyday running of your business from short to long-term forecasts.

I would recommend Quality Manager Toolkit 2000 to any business that wishes to maximize its potential within a global economy. With a plethora of different types of useful information and various templates, Quality Manager Toolkit 2000 will not only save your business time but also thousands of dollars. A must have for businesses!

- Andrew B

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Quality Manager Toolkit 2000:
System Development Tools

Review Date: 4 November 2003

Distributor: Manaccom

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