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PC Kid's Reviews: Gordi's Enchanted Playroom


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Gordi's Enchanted Playroom 
reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 5 July 2002
Review Score: 8.0/10 
Distributor: OziSoft

"One of the best way to teach children is to make a game fun and in the meantime educational. Gordi's Enchanted Playroom is ideal!"

Gordi's Enchanted playroom was created by Compedia and is one of the largest developers of educational children's games in over 30 countries. The beauty of Compedia products is that they have all been thoroughly tested to make sure the games are user friendly and bug free. 

Children between the ages of 3 and 6 are at a stage in their life where they want to learn more about the world. Gordi's Enchanted Playroom provides children with a variety of different educational skills. This game provides children with the following skills that they will carry onto their adult life. These skills are visual & auditory perception, concentration & thinking, auditory memory and thinking & planning.

Gordi's Enchanted Playroom is jam packed with goodies that children will love. These include;

  • Interactive Games
  • High Quality Soundtrack and graphics
  • Many Hours of Fun and Learning
  • Multiple levels of play
  • Unique and challenging activities
  • Colouring Activities

The game starts off in a children's playroom where you can select which toy you would like to play with. These toys become your children's playmates for the games they are about to play.

For instance, if you select the Teddy Bear and click on the jigsaw piece, then you are taken to a new area where you must select a picture and then put the jigsaw together. There are usually four pieces to the jigsaw, so this is great for kids aged around 3. Once the puzzle has been put together, the picture will make a noise such as puppy noises to indicate that it has been completed successfully. 

Some of the other games include the traditional game of pong where you must make sure Gordi does not fall into the water and various other puzzle games. This teaches children coordination skills and how to use a mouse properly.

Everything in the game has speech and sound, so this will keep your kids glued to the computer. The beauty of ingame speech is that children will not get stuck in certain parts of the game as the computer will help them out.  


The graphics of Gordi's Enchanted Playroom looks very much like a completed colouring book. Everything is simple, colourful and sharp. Personally this game is aimed at younger kids aged around 3 as older children may not get as much value from this game as the younger ones. If you have kids and are looking for a fun and educational game that does not require a super computer to run, then this game is for you. The minimum system requirements of this game is a Pentium 166, Window 95 and beyond, CDROM and 32MB of RAM. So if you have an old computer lying around, this is ideal for it. Recommended!

- Andrew B

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