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GameCube Reviews: Wave Race: Blue Storm


Wave Race: Blue Storm Screenshots

The Final Say!

Wave Race: Blue Storm - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 07 June 2002
Review Score: 8.5/10 

With every new Nintendo title that impulsegamer reviews, we are more and more impressed with the power of this small machine. Of course there is the small matter of the teams of dedicated programmers who are working to get the most out of the machine as well. Wave Race Blue Storm is not exception to this outstanding rule.

A jetski title, Wave Race was last seen on the N64 much to the delight of the owners of that console. This latest incarnation however leaves it's predecessor for dead in every single way.

Firstly to look at, Wave Race will simply stun you with it's elegance. As far as I was concerned, the water and environment is some of the most realistic to be found on any similar title and player interaction with the water and surrounds is exceptional. The controller's rumble is programmed well and generates a more submersive (no pun intended) feeling to the game.

At first the controls may feel a little stiff to use and stunts seemingly impossible to pull off, this is in part because the average gamer will not bother to undertake the tutorial which is what I would certainly recommend doing. You will also find later that you can customise the performance of your rider to tweak his abilities even further.

The feeling of the ski upon the water has to be felt to be believed. Your craft will react realistically to tides and also the wake of your opponents jetskis. Using the L and R buttons is paramount to success on the race circuit as buoys as placed strategically for you to dart around and you will incur penalties for failing to pass on the correct side of a buoy.

There are many competition modes which will ensure that Wave Race stays inside your Cube for a very long time indeed.

Another of the many impressive points of Wave Race and in fact almost all the GameCube titles is the fact that I have not seen a framerate drop regardless of what is occurring onscreen. Wave Race sports many, many features, all of which must put great demands on the system but I've yet to see it chug at all.

For those of you who like to be able to choose riders and teams, then Wave Race can also provide in that respect as well. Every rider has their own skill set and comes with what I am assuming to be the coach who directs you onscreen. This feature is helpful, but can become repetitive, also some of the coaches are a little bit too much in their 'dissing' of your skills (or lack thereof).


Making sure of yourself with the controls is essential, even more so than with Wave Race 64. If you cannot lean and crouch with an ease that is second nature, you will not progress past the later levels, with huge waves and swells that will give you a battering if you are not prepared. Learning how certain weather will affect your ride is just as important as controlling your jetski. Water and weather are your two greatest enemies when it comes to staying upright.

Fortunately the controls, although varied, are well laid out on the controller and with practise you will surprise yourself with what the game will allow you to do. Stunt mode is rewarding and helps in picking up the all important Turbo that is shown on the meter on the bottom right hand side of the screen. Turbo's must be built up and then will send you rocketing around the course, in some cases being the difference between victory and defeat! Use Turbo wisely and safely however, as it is a nightmare to steer between buoys when in full Turbo. Missing buoys can result in disqualification so be careful!

For those of you into the audio side of things, Wave Race will not fail to impress either. All sorts of sounds have been skillfully incorporated into the game to further the feeling of really "being there". Water effects of all sorts, ambient sounds from the environment such as birds or machines roll across the water to you making this an awesome treat for the ears. The soundtrack for the game is a mixture of all sorts of music and none of which is too offensive, however there is the option to turn it off if you wish.

Wave Race: Blue Storm is yet another sensational addition to the range of games available to the GameCube. Thus far, all the first party titles have been brilliant and really demonstrate the true grunt of the Cube as well as provide for a rollicking gaming experience!

Hit the high seas with Wave Race: Blue Storm!

- Tory Favro

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