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Gamecube Reviews: NFL Street


NFL Street Screenshots

The Final Say!

NFL Street - reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: January 2004
Review Score: 7.5/10 
Distributor: Electronic Arts

NFL Street is the latest and greatest football game to arrive on the sadly neglected GameCube console that comes with a very interesting twist. Unlike stock-standard NFL games, NFL Street gives players the chance to play American football on the rough and tough streets of the United States.

The gameplay of NFL Street is pure arcade fun that takes away many of the strategic and sometimes boring aspects of NFL and instead puts gamers right in the middle of the action. Fortunately many of the real-world manoeuvres have been incorporated into the game and players can perform a variety of moves such as runs, passes, spins, jumps, tackles and of course kicks. The game also contains a few different gameplay modes that include NFL Challenge (the main billing of the game), exhibition and of course a great multiplayer option that allows up to 4 players to play simultaneously on your GameCube. NFL Challenge also allows you to play various divisions in the United States (similar to the NFL) as you travel around the country competing in various challenges such as scoring first or performing set tasks and once these challenges are competed, you can then access another division in the game.

The developers have also included a turbo function that gives your player a burst of adrenaline that not only helps with offensive moves but also defensive moves. Another cool feature of NFL Street are the "taunt" moves that allows your players to taunt other players by the touch of a single button. Although they don't really do anything towards the gameplay of the title, they do look impressive and you can perform a variety of taunts such as spinning the ball on one finger and even some cool ghetto dance moves. Another aspect of the gameplay is the introduction of a game breaker meter that slowly goes up as you are awarded for various moves in the game. Once the game breaker meter is full, your team basically becomes super NFL-players and depending if you are playing offensive or defensive, they strongly disadvantage your opponent. The game also has a very in-depth player editor that allows you to edit just about every aspect of your NFL players from faces, hairstyles and various other attributes such as strength and endurance.

Graphically, NFL Street is a very impressive looking game on the GameCube and all the characters are extremely well modelled that move with realism and grace. The most impressive features of the players is how they tackle and slam each other in the gaming arena that almost looks like you are watching television because of the realism of the movements.

The developers have also done a great job on the small things in the game such as the "street" clothes that your players wear or the detailed backgrounds of the various gaming environments that you engage in. The gaming environments range from across the United States that include a Californian University campus and even a beach scenario on the west coast of America that helps spruce up the game and keeps it fresh and new. Another nice feature is that the environment can be used in the game such as barrels and fences that can be used to your advantage or disadvantage.

The musical score of NFL street uses the modern hip-hop genre of music that not only suits the game perfectly but helps get your adrenaline pumping with this happening music. Some of the bands to grace the game include Korn, DJ KaySlay, Lil' Flip and even Killer Mike that help with the street aspect of this title. The players also have their own catch phrases that they spout off during the game and of course match that with a variety of "street" football sound effects and you have a game made in sporting heaven.

NFL Street is a very entertaining game that brings something new to the genre of American football. Although hardcore NFL fans may find this game sacrilegious, I found this a very entertaining title that I was coming back for more and more. Easily the best aspect of this game is playing it with friends on a huge widescreen television that allows for up to four players. If you love football or you are looking for a cool sport game, than this is the title for you.

- Andrew B

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