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Gamecube Reviews: Minority Report


Minority Report Screenshots

The Final Say!

Minority Report
 - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 27 January 2003
Review Score: 6/10
Score not based on an average
Distributor: Activision

Tied in to the movie of the same name starring Tom Cruise, Minority Report on GameCube is a game full of pros and cons. Unfortunately on the whole, the cons are outweighed in this case. Come with me and we'll have a closer look at Minority Report.

Minority Report Features

  • Players 1
  • Memory Card 4 blocks
  • Classification: M15+
  • Game Type: 3rd Person Action
  • Skill Level: Beginner - Intermediate
  • Movie Tie-in


The game in itself is very intuitive and easy to get into. It's a fighter that revolves around the recent movie release starring Tom Cruise and was released across all platforms at once so it looks as though there was a standard set and then the games were optimised according to console.


Considering the depth and scope of the storyline at the movies, it was a pity that it was not covered more in the game. I think the assumption was made that you would know all about the title having seen the movie. A bit short-sighted however as many nuances are lost on the player as a result.


Graphically the game looks nice, especially some of the weapon effects that are used whilst dispatching enemies. There are numerous devices at the players disposal however it's just as easy to get around with the default weapons for the most part and outrun or slide past your computer assisted opponents.


As you might have guessed by my last comment, your enemies are not exactly the smartest cookies on the planet and there are little inconsistencies with their programmed routines that leave a bit to be desired. I found that if you run or slide past them, they quickly give up giving chase and resume guard positions amongst other things. It was odd and slightly annoying as the challenge did not really present itself at any given point.


Another funny/odd point to this game is that Tom Cruise did not allow his likeness to be used in the game so Treyarch (Spider-Man the Movie) created their own character who is visibly removed from his movie alter ego in terms of appearance and years. The game John Anderton would be at least 10-15 years the elder of the Tom Cruise Anderton and I think that this suits the game style excellently.


If you are after a simplistic fighting title then you might get a kick out of Minority Report. It looks and sounds good, however does not really present any form of challenge to an experienced gamer. This one would be best first rented before making your purchase.


- Tory Favro

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