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Gamecube Reviews: Medal of Honor: Frontline


Medal of Honor: Frontline Screenshots

The Final Say!

Medal of Honor: Frontline
 - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 17 November 2002
Review Score: 8.9/10 
Distributor: Electronic Arts

Uncompromisingly immersive, Medal of Honor: Frontline puts you in the boots of Lt. Jimmy Patterson during World War II.


Medal of Honor: Frontline Features

  • Players 1-4 Simultaneously
  • Memory Card 4 Units
  • Classification: M15+
  • Game Type: First Person Shooter
  • Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced
  • Dolby Pro Logic II


Taking the gameworld by storm several years ago when this title debuted on the Playstation, MOH Frontline is the first time the title has appeared on a Nintendo games machine.


This title was first launched on the PS2, however for the translation to both the GameCube and XBox, whilst not doing everything it could have for the added abilities of these machines, did include a deathmatch component for up to four players to duke it out in.


The Medal of Honor series is renowned for it's attention to detail and painstaking accuracy in it's depiction of the World War II environments including player models, weaponry and building to make for a supremely immersive package.


The entire game structures itself around a number of missions that actually took place during World War II and are all based on actual history instead of fiction. The game essentially looks real and there is a feeling of Saving Private Ryan or Band of Brothers written all over it. As you can tell by the screenshots provided, the level of authenticity in the game is it's strongest selling point along with it's amazing audio that will spellbind you all the way through the game.


Every weapon sounds authentic and has it's own distinctive firing sound from small calibre weapons through to cannons and tanks. Combine that with a real score written expressly for the game by composer Michael Giacchino and performed by the Northwest Symphonia and you are onto a sure fired winner.


The way the game is played out is essentially through a series of missions that act as checkpoints as a way of saving progress. My only real gripe with this is that some missions are way too long and after repeating them a number of times, it is exasperating and only the sheer quality of the game otherwise is all that keeps you going.



Despite the intensity of the action taking place on screen much of the time, MOH: Frontline manages to maintain a steady rate most of the time and even when it falters, the effect is marginal.

Getting back to detail, I'd recommend in order to truly appreciate the levels of thought put into the game you have a look around when there is a quiet moment in a game. Go and check out the other members of your squad and their torn and patched clothing. The same level of detail applies to the Germans however you will not ever get the opportunity due to the small fact that they will be shooting at you for most of the game and when you do get one down (killed), the bodies disappear pretty quickly so as not to bog the system down.

Multiplayer is included for you and three friends, however I did find it to be rather an afterthought as opposed to a value addon. Levels are construed from existing levels and as such do not feature things that purpose built maps would such as camping and sniping points. Good multiplayer maps flow in order to keep players going, this is not the case here. That said, I am happier that it is there than nothing, as was the case in the PS2 version.

Medal of Honor: Frontline is in my opinion, a must have for fans of the first person genre. It is historically accurate and has an abundance of thought and effort put into the game. It's an immersive wonderful gaming experience and I believe that we are the better for it. That's quite a claim I know, however whether kids like it or not they will benefit from the interactive history lesson, albeit from an American perspective. Buy it now.

- Tory Favro

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