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GameCube Reviews: Luigi's Mansion


Luigi's Mansion Screenshots

The Final Say!

Luigi's Mansion - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 30 May 2002
Review Score: 9.0/10 

You have won a mansion in a competition that you did not enter. Your brother has gone missing inside the mansion. You are scared of the dark. You have a green hat. This is your debut title. You are the brother of one of the most loved characters in videogames. Your name is Luigi.

This brilliant game is a must own title in the GameCube arsenal. It contains a little something for everyone and shows off the Cube's graphical power and what can be achieved if programmers take a little time to milk a system for what it's worth.

Basically a ghostbusting title, Luigi must make his way through the mansion in a quest to find his brother before it's too late for Mario. Armed with a super-powered vacuum and a torch, he has to seek out ghosts and treasure to uncover the mysteries of the mansion and make it out unscathed.

The graphics on this title are brilliant and some of the coolest I have seen in some time. Particle effects will have you seeing dust move through Luigi's torchlight and fog and steam effects used throughout the game.

A lot of people may be initially put off the title with it's cutesy appearance and cartoony graphics. This is a pity as they will miss out on one of the most addictive gaming experiences available on the GameCube.

Puzzles and problem solving abound, and patience is required in solving some of the more complex riddles. These will mainly involve searching high and low for keys. As long as you remember that your vacuum can manipulate almost any object you should be fine.

An ingenious addition to the game is a tool that you must use called the GameBoy Horror! Essentially it's a GameBoy Color that enables you to view caught ghosts, locate Boos (evil little ghosts - of which there are 50 to capture) and also view your inventory. The sounds that the GameBoy Horror make are exactly those of the GameBoy Color and are very old school and will certainly take you back.

Plenty of references to older titles abound with a personal favourite being in the Music Room. Normally I  don't give away story or gameplay elements however this room is too cool for me to just overlook. So if you don't want it spoiled, don't read the rest of this paragraph. For the rest of you, read on! When you go into this room you will see a ghost playing the piano, don't try to get her immediately, take time to shake all the instruments and make the magic start. When activated, all instruments will play in time with the piano to recreate an old and loved tune - try it and see. Then take that ghost out!

With the assistance of the quite possibly mad Professor E. Gadd, and Mario's erstwhile companion Toad, Luigi must take on the terrors of the mansion and find his brother.


Later in the game, the vacuum comes into it's own with the ability to expel material as well as suck them in. There are spirits of fire, ice and water lurking around the mansion that you can catch and expel by pressing the L button on your controller. The effects of these elemental weapons looks fantastic, the fire in particular. The only fault I found there was when in the Mirror Room, the fire was not shown in the reflection which was a bit of disappointment.

Another trick to getting the most out of the title  as I mentioned earlier is trying to move and manipulate every object that you come across in order to get all the treasure and health available in the game. An important note: The more treasure you have, the better the ending of the game!

I have read more than once now that some people have made it through this title in a number of hours and this amazes me. Let's just say that it would take this long if you were not trying to get all treasure and capture all ghosts, so rest assured that you are going to have a lot of fun with this title.

Luigi's Mansion, is, I believe, a must own title for the GameCube. Nintendo have done it fantastically and at the very worst, it's an amazing tech demo for what the Cube is capable of. It will take a place of pride in your GameCube collection.

- Tory Favro

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