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Gamecube Reviews: F-Zero GX


F-Zero GX Screenshots

The Final Say!

F-Zero GX
 - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Score: 9.6/10 
Distributor: Nintendo

Quite possibly the fastest game I have ever had the fun playing, F-Zero GX takes it's cues from Wipeout, ups the ante and triumphs on the home stretch. Fans of futuristic racers rejoice as this title is the bomb when it comes to speed.

The F-Zero series has been around for ages and fans will of course be very glad that it has, with versions showing up on the Super Nintendo and N64 to acclaimed success. This time around features a bit more of a story with the player taking the role of Captain Falcon who is piloting a craft at the behest of an old man who Falcon wishes to help. It's just so sweet though that even if there were no story you would still want to play it.

Probably one of the first things to get out of the way is that for some newcomers, this title is going to be waaay too fast. Seriously, the speed at which craft travel at is absolutely shattering and you may not even be able to control your craft which I reckon will lead to some players putting down their controllers and never picking them back up again. All I can say if that happens to you is don't give up and keep trying, the title is of such quality that it is far more rewarding to keep playing than give up on it.

And reward you the title does by allowing upgrades to be purchased by completing races (in the top three of course). This will give you money to get bigger and better things for your ride and let's face it, that's what it's all about. There are about 20 tracks in the regular game and if you manage to get through them and accomplish certain things, you will then be able to proceed to unlock even more, good luck to you on that one!

Graphically the game is a jaw dropper, just look at the pics to the left if you don't believe me, these pictures in game have to be seen to be believed, there is so much detail in the game that it is not hard to believe in the environments you are racing in. The shattering speeds at which you pass through them doesn't seem to affect the quality one iota even to the point that you can see what is coming up from miles away thanks to a brilliant rendering engine that can do a draw distance that seems to go for as far as the eye can see.

The game is also interspersed with a series of videos that tell you the story as it is occurring. Now this is a proper first for the franchise and surprisingly enough, the tale is enough to keep you interested between races just to find out what the heck is going on. Captain Falcon is finally more than just a muscle bound guy with a fast vehicle, he's a person that we can relate to on some level and that's a good thing.

One of the more innovative parts to the title, and one that I certainly found to be fantastic was the fact that in story mode you have to purchase new chapters of the storyline. That means that some player (in fact all) will have to go back and run competitions to earn the prize money in order to continue the game. It's clever and a real credit to the development team as this is sure to make players go back over and over in order to ge the most out of the title.

F-Zero GX is one title that essentially I cannot fault other than the speed of the game that will throw the initiated or those not prepared to learn. Graphically stunning with controls in place that are intuitive and a delight to use, F-Zero GX is a title that is a definite must buy title for fans of this genre. Highly recommended and further proof of the awesome titles that one can get for the Nintendo GameCube!

- Tory Favro


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