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Gamecube Reviews: Bomberman Generation


Bomberman Generation Screenshots

The Final Say!

Bomberman Generation
 - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 13 January 2003
Review Score: 8.5/10
Distributor: Vivendi Universal

I can start this review off on a good note, I really enjoyed it. Bomberman Generation takes all the really cool aspects of earlier versions of the game and makes them that little bit better. Not only that, but the game is currently a GameCube exclusive.

Bomberman Generation

  • Players 1-4 Simultaneous
  • Memory Card 3 blocks
  • Classification: G8+
  • Game Type: Platformer
  • Skill Level: Beginner - Advanced
  • Cel shading
  • Exclusive to GameCube


The game in itself is very intuitive and easy to get into. It's set up so that the game runs smoothly and there is not too much of a graphical push on the GameCube, but that said, this is one sweet looking game. The closest approximation I could get to the game was that it made me remember Yoshi's Island and some of the special sections of Super Mario Sunshine and this is a great thing to be compared to.


The title runs very smoothly and there were no frame issues that I was aware of or that really stood out. The controls were simplicity itself to get into and remember, and even when you did, there is a helpful professor who gives you hints and tips throughout the game.


The aim of the game is easy enough, collect items and use bombs to get to them. There is an element of puzzle solving, however it all revolves around the bombs and once you have an understanding of how to use them effectively, it makes everything else quite simple in nature to uncover/discover.


In the Bomberman world there has been a theft and six crystals of power have been scattered through a number of worlds that Bomberman must make his way through. There are numerous powerups that can be collected and utilised with dazzling effect.


The storyline is explained at the start of the game as a series of ingame movies and cutscenes. I believe that Japanese developers Hudson thought they had a pretty good grip on English when they did the translation. What results is a lengthy and somewhat boring introduction to the game that does it no justice at all as you just wish that it was over. To make matters worse there's no skipping it.




Every world that you play the game on is unique and comes with it's own particular set of puzzles to put players to the test. By remembering how to really get the most out of your bombs, progress can be quickly made, however it is a lot of fun getting through a level, contending with planting bombs and avoiding enemies at the same time.

Another cool thing to this latest installment is the ability to combine elements to your bomb powers so for example you could add ice or fire to your bomb for greater results and also to combat the puzzles that are bomb specific later in the game such as using water bombs to contend with fires that are burning in your way.

Generation also sees the introduction of the Charabomb which is basically a monster that you can use to do odd tasks for you that Bomberman can't do for himself. Like Pokemon, Charabombs can also battle each other and if your Charabomb wins a battle, you will gain the creature that was defeated.

The beauty of this game is whilst the single player mode is a blast (pun intended), the multiplayer mode absolutely shines as well making this game a very comprehensive package indeed. The game takes a 2D down looking view whilst the multiplayer mayhem ensues. You can play from one to four players, however if there are not four human players, the game assigns CPU players to make sure the action is frantic and fast.

I thoroughly recommend Bomberman Generation!

- Tory Favro

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