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DVD Reviews: X-Files Season 6 Boxed Set

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 25 May 2003
Distributed by: Fox
Running Time: N/A





The truth is out there...

Season six of the X-Files is finally here and it pushes the boundaries of government conspiracies, alien abductions and even more ludicrous plotlines than the previous season which will either leave you yearning for more or a quick way out. David Duchovny returns as the brooding FBI agent Fox Mulder, with his sophisticated yet sexy partner Dana Scully played by Gillian Anderson. What makes X-Files interesting is the special chemistry behind the two characters that has been building up since episode one of season one. 

The unfortunate aspect of season six of the X-Files is that it is probably the most mediocre season of the entire series as the writers continually push the unbelievable and leave many plotlines unresolved. Fortunately the season also contains some amazingly well written and thought provoking episodes such as "Two Fathers" and "One Son". These episodes focus on the return of alien abductees that threaten to expose the conspiracy involving the shadow government and extraterrestrials that force the cigarette smoking man to take measures into his own hand. 

The majority of episodes in season six are standalone episodes but there are a few two-parters scattered around the entire season that will have you craving for more. As with previous seasons, season six has some great comedy episodes that always bring the viewer back to reality. Dreamland part I and II contain a strange story that has Mulder changing bodies with an official from Area 51. David Duchovny has some great comedy moments in these two episodes as an overweight and middle aged man from Area 51 finds himself in a fit and youthful body of agent Fox Mulder. Needless to say, some brilliant and humorous acting by Duchovny. 

Three of a Kind is a solo episode that spotlights on the Lone Gunmen who infiltrate a Defence Contractors' Convention in Las Vegas but unwittingly come to the aid of a gorgeous operative. They enlist agent Scully to help them protect the operative but unfortunately things turn disastrous that leads to some unexpected results. These breakaway episodes are easily the best season six has to offer, rather than the convoluted conspiracies and secrets that never get resolved. That is, the creator behind the X-Files, Chris Carter prefers to tease the viewer by only giving them minimal clues and just when you think Fox and Scully have the proof, it escapes them as always.

As with previous seasons of the X-Files, the final episode of the season is a cliff hanger that has agent Scully uncover an alien artefact that could prove the existence of extraterrestrials and just when things start to get exciting, the season ends. Fortunately, season seven is on the way but offers more questions to the viewer rather than answers.

The picture quality of season six is extremely clear and distinct, almost movie-like but unfortunately a few of the episodes are a little grainy that is due to the transfer from the original source to DVD. It should also be noted that X-Files is an extremely "dark" series and the transfer to DVD has been done perfectly without any noticeable errors in these "dark" shots. 

The sound quality of X-Files is superb and although it uses Dolby Digital 2.0 surround, it still sounds extremely decent through the right speaker setup. The soundtrack of X-Files was composed by Mark Snow that really helps set the atmosphere of the entire season with his eerie and spooky tunes. 

Season six of the X-Files also contains a variety of DVD extras that include TV Spots, featurettes, audio commentaries by Chris Carter and Kim Manners, commercials and a special documentary entitled "The Truth about Season 6", special effect vignettes, twelve deleted scenes and a DVD-ROM exclusive. Compared to other boxed sets, X-Files is way ahead of the competition when it comes to extras. 

I must admit that my interest in the X-Files started to wain after season five finished and that I never watched the entire sixth season on television. Fortunately after a long sojourn from the X-Files, my interest picked up with this new box set and I eagerly started watching it again. I would recommend the X-Files Season Six boxed set to any fan of the series or for those that love an interesting science fiction series. Those that are blissfully unaware of the X-Files will have difficultly picking up the storyline behind this season because of all the references it makes to previous episodes. Recommended!

Episode listing

- The beginning
- Drive
- Triangle
- Dreamland
- Dreamland 2
- Terms of Endearment
- The Rain King
- How the Ghosts Stole Christmas
- Tithonus
- S.R. 819
- Two Fathers
- One Son
- Arcadia
- Agua Mala
- Monday
- Alpha
- Trevor
- Milagro
- Three of a Kind
- The Unnatural
- Field Trip
- Biogenesis

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