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DVD Reviews: They

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Alex Cuming
Review Date: 01 June 2003
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 86 Minutes

Speeding traffic, television, wars, reality is it all real?  This may be a question asked throughout the film, which is focused on the psychological aspects of fear.  It is about how much of our world is a part of reality and other profound characteristics of our psyche.  This philosophical problem arises in this psychological thriller that will unnerve even the most hardened horror fan. 

Julia is a Psychology student who is currently studying her masters in the area of fear and trauma.  She witnesses the suicide of a close friend who seemed to induce a series of unusual occurrences.  Lights start dimming or not working and creatures from your worst nightmares come out to play.  Julia’s boyfriend (or is it? Mua ha ha) tries to calm her down but to no avail.  Billy (the guy who shot himself) had friends he left behind in the wake and Julia attempts to pick up the pieces.  Julia sees her childhood psychiatrist who attempts to unravel the mystery that is out to get her.  At first, with all the friends of Billy start getting a wound on a part of the body which they perceive as a marker for eventual capture by these hellish creatures.  Julia is frightened of getting the marker that will seal her fate.   

The panoramas seen in this film are some of the most ambitious bits of photography seen.  These are the pictures in frame, which are used to evoke fear and dread.  For example the scene with Julia driving her car the director intentionally shoots Julia from the side with the window in view and the audience will never cease to wonder at whether “they” will come smashing through the window at some point. 

The film was one of the better ones and Laura Regan does a great job at creating a sense of dread.  The psychological analysis that she does is very thought provoking and interesting.  “They” explores the edges of our fear awareness and you may find from witnessing all the analysis of this emotion, very handy for the fears that confront us all.  Because from understanding comes confidence and this right of passage like film will get the cogs of thought really ticking.  It confronts childhood fears and blatantly points out the difference from reality and our dreams.   

The menu at the beginning is static and the special alternate ending is an absolute treat.  Interesting enough to watch several times over even after witnessing the twist at the end.  Pure genius! The sound is also excellent and also in Dolby 5.1 thankfully and it will keep you listening to every detail in the dialogue to find hints about the outcome. 

As a fan of horror either in game or in film I can gladly recommend this film.  There is an alternate ending and must be watched, as it will cause more understanding of what the filmmakers set out to do.  This creation is one of the best of its kind and it is unique enough to stand out. The reason being that the ending whilst shocking will certainly disempower any phobia in its tracks.  If you are a bit of a coach behavioural scientist then you must see this film.

They Features

  • Alternate Ending
  • Theatrical Trailer


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