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DVD Reviews: The Gunston Tapes

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: May 2004
Distributed by:
Roadshow Entertainment
Running Time: 102 minutes





Garry McDonald was one of the 70's funniest comedians around and wasn't afraid to interview anyone, whether the Prime Minister of Australia or the pop rock sensation Kiss. For those that are unfamiliar with the the series, Garry McDonald played Norman Gunston who wore one of the world's worst suits, had a variety of shaving cuts on his face and generally wore pants that were too short.

This DVD contains the best segments from his television series that include hilarious interviews with Warren Beatty, Cheech & Chong and even Edward Woodward.  Although the series was a hit during the 70's, this current incarnation to DVD is a bit of a hit and miss and generally what was funny then, isn't really amusing now.

Maybe because I wasn't part of the Gunston generation because I really didn't understand the full humour behind this series but I'm sure those that loved the original television series will get a blast from the past from this DVD.


The video quality of the disc is rather average but this is due to the age of the series but fortunately it doesn't effect your viewing pleasure.


The audio quality of this disc only uses stereo but sounds quite clear and audible.


No extras what so ever!

The Final Say

This DVD is contains a plethora of American and Australian celebrities that basically get the "piss" taken out of them by Norman Gunston (or his real alias... Garry McDonald). Although some of the gangs were quite amusing, much of the humour fell flat for me but I'm sure the fans of the original series would still get a blast from this!

- Andrew B

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