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DVD Reviews:  Sweet Revenge

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Dean Malandrini
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time: 86 Minutes

Sweet Revenge is a romantic comedy with a real twist; at first the movie comes off fairly normal but soon after when Henry Bell (Sam Neil) wakes up the whole story line spins out of control.  Henry Bell finds himself at the worst point of his life and just as he tries to trough himself off a very high bridge he hears someone call for help.  Thatís where he saves and meets Karen Knightly (Helena Bonham Carter) a very interesting character indeed, soon after Henry and Karen end up at a bar to have a drink to celebrate their new lease on life.  What Henry doesnít realize is that while they were talking in the bar he agreed to seek revenge on the lady that caused Karen to jump and in doing so Karen will seek revenge on Henryís revenge. 

Sam Neil and Helena Bonham Carter give a fantastic performance as the straight guy and the eccentric and a little crazy rich woman.  When Henry wakes the next morning he is found strapped to the bed with just a very small piece of novelty underwear on, when the old maid enters he pretends to be asleep though he doesnít get away with it.  Henry is on a mission to get back at the lady whose husband Karen was having an affair with; Karen blames Imogen Staxton-Billing (Kristin Scott Thomas) for getting her own husband back, and when Henry meets her he is found to have great feelings for her.

Through the entire movie Henry eventually falls in love, and when he tries to convince Karen that it had nothing to do with Imogen and that the husband is the one to blame, she denies it and because all her life she has always had every thing her own way Karen canít handle the truth and thinks that Henry is trying to back out.  The movie is so very funny from seeing Sam Neil in a sixties uniform that is bright green and having spilt food on his crouch, to the way the Karen gets back at the man that made Henryís life a living hell. 

Sweet revenge was an unexpected pleasure to watch, upon reading the blurb on the back and seeing the cover I though it was going to be a soppy love story but the unexpected chemistry between Sam and Helena was a real honor to behold.  Sweet Revenge is witty, hilarious and still remains a sensible film with an easy story line to follow. 

The picture quality through the does have a few instances of heavy grit and graininess and background noise can be seen in the darker scenes.  Sound is mostly taking and very few instances of a music feature only for the transitions, all sound through out is clear and the gentle acoustic instrumental music fits the film well with itís English outdoor feel.

No extras unfortunately, a few outtakes is all it takes to satisfy this reviewer, and when you see Sam Neil in his bright green shirt with clogs on Iím sure he would have had a few shots at that one.

Sweet Revenge Features

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