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DVD Reviews: SeaChange Series 2 (Episodes 1-6 & 7-13)

The Final Say!

Review Score
Reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: April 2004
Distributed by:
Roadshow Home Entertainment
Running Time:
308 minutes
359 minutes





Titled "If Fish could Fly" and "Playing with Fire", these two great DVDs make up Seachange Series 2. Starring the lovely Sigrid Thornton, Series 2 saw the departure of the lovable Diver Dan from the cast of SeaChange and the funny thing about that was the simple fact that the show's burgeoning popularity continued in spite of one of the main character's leaving.

SeaChange was one of those shows where every cast member felt to you as important as the next and if something happened to any one of them, it really mattered to the viewing community. With a brilliant cast and character development of a kind that has rarely been seen on Australian television, this series brought you back week after week after week to see what your friends were up to.

Series 2 saw the arrival of Max on the scene to replace the void left by Diver Dan and he took up the slack admirably with his partner being good enough to bite the dust so that he can then charm Laura and keep the rest of us guessing what would happen next. The two had a natural chemistry that felt just right and he seemed to be a good match for our Laura after Dan moved on. The protective feeling audiences got for Laura was surprising and almost real.

This season of SeaChange was a true change in pace for the show and I felt the already quirky atmosphere got a little dark this time round with the town letting a lot of skeletons out of the closet that made for some must see visions. It was odd that this season more than the wonderful first season is about characters and the stories that made them truly special.

If you want to see Australian television at one of it's finest moments then I couldn't recommend SeaChange highly enough. It's of a high enough quality that you can watch it over and again and still find new things to be impressed about. Give it a shot for something truly entertaining and light hearted.


It's a 4:3 transfer here that is nice, clear and easy on the eyes. I did find myself wishing that this was widescreen however that is alright, the quality of the series carries it just fine.


Stereo soundtrack that is well recorded with no sounds coming through at any stage that make you doubt what you are seeing. There are no sync problems with either disc.


A tour around Pearl Beach is what's here with text and pictures explaining what you are looking at. Considering that I actually live about 8-10 minutes drive from the real life area the show was shot in, Barwon Heads, increased the interest somewhat.

It's not a great extra but one that will be of great interest to fans of the show.

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