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DVD Reviews:  Mr Holland's Opus

The Final Say!

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Reviewed by Tory Favro
Distributed by:
Magna Pacific
Running Time: 135 Minutes

I loved this film and actually have seen it many times in the past. The story follows naturally enough Mr. Glenn Holland who is a composer whose belief in his own destiny drives his life to the point of almost bankruptcy which is untenable for a man with a family. To pay for their needs, he undertakes a job as a teacher in a high school in the music department. It is there that what starts as an interim measure becomes a lifeís work in itself and more satisfying than anything that he could have anticipated.

A tale of this nature is a journey in itself, relying a strong story more than any special effects and whiz bang gimmickry of any type. The power and passion of the tale combined with some stellar acting make this a compelling watch from start to finish. I was impressed with the convincing performance put in by Richard Dreyfuss and always the incomparable William H Macy who in my opinion is a severely underrated actor.

The disc is well transferred however does nothing really to stand out as an example of the superiority of DVD. Donít get me wrong, it looks and sounds good but the only thing that really makes it stand out from what you have undoubtedly seen on television is the fact that it is in 16:9 Widescreen. There are not that many extras on the disc other than a featurette which is informative, however it would have been nice to have an audio commentary from the stars. I think that this movie would not have been created during a time when that would have even been a consideration. 

Worth the purchase, Mr. Hollandís Opus is a timeless movie that your family will no doubt have repeated viewings of.

Mr Holland's Opus Features

  • Featurette


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