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Created by Mark Waid & Alex Ross


  •   Secret Identity: Unknown
  •   Height: Variable
  •   Weight: Helm of Nabu, Amulet of Anubis and Cape of Fate = total weight
  •   Eyes: None
  •   Hair: None
  •   Family: None
  •   Residence: Unknown
  •   Occupation: Dr. Fate earthly agent of Order
  •   1st Appearance: Kingdom Come #2
  •   Current Status: Active (Kingdom Universe only)


    During the Elseworlds series Kingdom Come, Batman's team is joined by a mystical being later listed as Dr. Fate IV. Very little is known about this incarnation of Fate but some facts have been pieced together. Contradicting the current incarnations of Fate, the helmet of Nabu, the Amulet of Anubis, and the Cape of Fate are still intact. Unlike previous versions of Dr. Fate, this time the mantle no longer requires a mortal host to traverse this plane. As a result, creating a bodiless-limbless Dr. Fate. The only thing that makes his form look human is the cape which slopes over him as if he had a body. It is assumed Nabu is still a Lord of Order in Kingdom Come.

    All of the Elseworlds series are just alternate universes or "possible futures" for the DC Universe. The Kingdom Come series created new versions of almost every character from Mr. Terrific II to the next Starman. In the future, as the Kingdom Come series explains, the surface is overrun by young reckless irresponsible meta-humans who are reducing the cities to rubble. Humans are getting fed up with meta-humans and superheroes find themselves unwanted. The old-boys of the JLA and JSA decide to reform the JLA (with some younger versions of the same characters) to restore order among the meta-human population. Not all of the old heroes are interested in this 'New JLA', the result is a rivaling faction led by Batman. Dr. Fate IV most notably joins this team. After a gigantic jail or 'Gulag' is built the young Meta-humans are imprisoned there for rehabilitation from Superman and the rest. This plan fails, the Meta-Humans strike out in anger, attempting to escape from the Gulag. With the help of Lex Luthor's team and his brainwashed Captain Marvel a large hole is created in the Gulag allowing the Meta-humans to escape.

    A gigantic battle ensues between the JLA and the Meta-Humans but the JLA finds themselves outnumbered. Batman's team arrives to assist in the battle with Dr. Fate IV fighting bravely. The battle is now currently nip and tuck with Superman kept in check by Captain Marvel. Superman receives word that the US Government has ordered that 3 nuclear bombs be dropped on the battlefield to eliminate ALL Meta-humans once and for all! Wonder Woman and Batman divert 2 of the bombs but one remains on target. Superman covers Captain Marvel's mouth when he is in his Billy Batson form (to keep him from yelling "Shazam!" to revert to Captain Marvel.) Superman explains to the Captain that he must stop the bomb, and he begs Marvel to let him go. Superman flies upward when a lightning bolt strikes down, causing Billy Batson to become Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel flies upward flinging Superman out of the way. Captain Marvel grabs the bomb and flies with it upward. It explodes...

    ...the result is a battlefield of dead meta-humans. Skeletons litter the battlefield and only the strongest of the Meta-humans survive. Dr. Fate IV is seen in the background with a magical yellow field around him and some others. He seems to be checking the remains of the battle. After Superman regains his sanity all of the heroes are present at Captain Marvel's funeral (including Dr. Fate) as Captain Marvel's cape is raised on the flagpole. This is the last panel seen of Dr. Fate IV (Dr. Fate KC).


  •   Powers: Since Dr. Fate IV is the raw Fate persona, it is assumed that his powers are that of Dr. Fate I and possibly much more powerful.

  •   Limitations: Since Fate now has no human element his judgment is extremely questionable. He may just be an agent of Order. His lack of humanity can bring up certain questions which will most likely never be answered, what of his human qualities such as bravery, friendship, honor, and love? You would assume he would have none of these but Dr. Fate is seen at Marvel's funeral which certainly shows human emotion. In addition being limbless Dr. Fate must rely on magic for even the most simple tasks such as picking up an object. If his magic were ever unusable he would be helpless. In addition his hand-to-hand combat skills are gone.


    • Fishman of Nyarl-Amen: More Fun #57-Unknown
    • Grey Man: Justice League #2 - Unknown
    • Haldane: More Fun #63 - Unknown
    • Ian Karkull: More Fun #69 - Destroyed in All-Star Squadron Annual #3
    • Loo Tung: More Fun #77 - Unknown
    • Lords of Chaos: More Fun #55 & Flash #305 - The Lords have removed themselves from the DCU plane of existance
    • Mango the Mighty: More Fun #57 - Unknown
    • Mr. Who: More Fun #77 - Unknown


    • Kingdom #1 (Feb 1999)
    • Kingdom Come #2-4 (Aug - Oct 1996)


    Written by Nick Santaniello (drfate1@ibm.net)