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Created by William Messner-Loebs


  •  Name: Inza Nelson (Maiden name Cramer)
  •  Height: 5'8"
  •  Weight: 115 pounds
  •  Eyes: Green
  •  Hair: Brown/Red
  •  Family: Kent Nelson/Doctor Fate I (husband)
  •  Residence: New Salem
  •  Occupation: Former College Student & Amateur Archaeologist
  •  Joined JSA: Unofficial member during Zero Hour with husband Kent Nelson as Dr. Fate
  •  Group Affiliation: JSA
  •  1st Appearance (As Inza Cramer): More Fun Comics#55
  •  1st Appearance (As Dr.Fate): Doctor Fate #25
  •  Current Status: Inza Nelson currently resides in another Universe that is located in the Amulet of Anubis. The weilder of the amulet is Hector Hall, the current Dr. Fate (IV).


    In 1940, Inza Cramer was a student of Columbia University who visited Egypt. She was captured by Wotan, but rescued by Doctor Fate. She and Fate became romantically involved, and Fate revealed his secret identity to her. After World War II Kent and Inza married and she took up residence in Fate's tower in Salem. During the modern heroic age, Inza would become jealous of Doctor Fate as she would lose her husband to him for unknown amounts of time. She feared she would never see Kent again whenever he donned the Helmet of Nabu. However, after she, Kent, and Nabu joined together to become Fate (Flash v1 #305-313), she came to realize what it meant to be Doctor Fate.

    When the Kali Yuga came, Inza lost her immortality and committed suicide, but Nabu captured her spirit and placed her in the Amulet of Anubis. There, she and Kent lived in what they believed to be the afterlife, and even had a son. However, when Jack C. Small and Petey came looking for the original Doctor Fate, their time in heaven was over. Nabu gave Kent and Inza one final gift and brought them back to Earth. Their new bodies were youthful and they were both ready to become Doctor Fate again. Originally the Lords of Order meant for Doctor Fate to be man and woman, and sent Nabu to find a female and male host for Doctor Fate, but Nabu craved power and control. However, a Lord of Chaos intercepted the melding between Inza & Kent and only allowed Inza to become Fate. (Doctor Fate v2 #25)

    Inza became a hero of the people, solving everyday problems as well as facing the usual superheroic menaces. She made her identity as Doctor Fate public and eventually the U.S. Senate called her up. Angered at their comments, she turned all of them into frogs, but later reversed this. Eventually the Lord of Chaos who gave Inza her powers appeared and told her the truth. She soon realized that although her powers once came from the Lord of Chaos, they were now coming from the people of Earth. Thus Kent and herself could merge to become the one true Doctor Fate. (See Dr. Fate I)


  •  Powers: The Inza version of Doctor Fate could perform almost any feat from bringing back the dead to turning a whole room of politicians into frogs. Inza originally received her power from a Lord of Chaos but later joined with Kent Nelson to become the one true fate. The merging between Kent and Inza allowed them receive their power from a different source. This source was every sentient being on Earth, the power of the human spirit allowed this Dr.Fate to revival the golden age version. However in recent events in Fate, it appears that Nabu was controlling them when they merged to become Dr.Fate. When Inza was Dr.Fate the helmet looked more feminine because of the new host. However when Inza and Kent merge to become Dr.Fate, all they needed to do was touch to become one of the most powerful entities on earth. Inza Nelson is immortal and had the powers to leave the tower of Salem at any given time.

    • Ability to summon & use large amounts of magic to perform almost any feat such as shields, teleportation, increasing size etc.
    • Ability to create objects
    • Ability to summon creatures or banish creatures
    • Ability to enter the afterlife and help the soul return to the living
    • Ability to transform people into different creatures
    • Ability to fix simple street lights (Well it's true)
    • Flight
    • Speed
    • Super Strength
    • Almost invulnerable
  •  Limitations: Without the helmet, Inza Nelson in an ordinary mortal. Without a mortal host, Fate cannot visit the earthly plane. However the Inza/Kent Dr.Fate needed each others presence to become the being Doctor Fate.


    • Ancient Egyptian Gods
    • Extant - Zero Hour #3
    • Lords of Chaos
    • Shatru - Dr. Fate #25


  •  Golden Age

    • All-Star Comics v1 #15 (Feb-Mar 1943) - as Inza Nelson
    • More Fun Comics #55-98 (May 1940 - Jan 1944) - as Inza Nelson


  •  Silver Age to Modern Age

    • All-Star Squadron #28 (Dec 1983)
    • America vs. the Justice Society #2 - 4 (Feb - Apr 1984)
    • Book of Fate #1 (Feb 1997)
    • Doctor Fate v1 #1 (Jul 1987) - reference to Inza's suicide
    • Doctor Fate v2 #21-24 (Oct 1990 - Jan 1991)
    • Doctor Fate v2 #38 (Mar 1992) - Flashback to 1980s
    • Fate #0 (Oct 1994) - Inza dies
    • Fate #1-4 (Nov 1994 - Feb 1995) - Spirit of Inza (Bag Lady)
    • Fate #11 (Apr 1995) - - Spirit of Inza (Motorcycle Cop)
    • Fate #16 (Feb 1996) - Spirit of Inza (Teo)
    • Fate #18 (Apr 1996) - Spirit of Inza (Cantrips man)
    • Fate #19 (May 1996) - Spirit of Inza (Linda Strauss)
    • Fate #20 (Jun 1996) - Spirit of Inza
    • Infinity Inc #21 (Dec 1985)
    • Infinity Inc Annual #1 (1985) - Wedding of Green Lantern
    • JSA #3 (Oct 1999) - cameo
    • Legends #5 (Mar 1987)
    • Secret Origins of Super Heroes Special (1978)
    • Secret Origins v2 #24 (Mar 1988)
    • War of the Gods #1-4 (Sep - Dec 1991)
    • Zero Hour #4-2 (Sep 1994) - Inza and Kent as Dr. Fate for first and last time

  •  As Doctor Fate III

    • Action Comics #675 (Mar 1992)
    • Adventures of Superman #488 (Mar 1992)
    • Doctor Fate v2 #25-37 (Feb 1991 - Feb 1992)
    • Doctor Fate v2 #39-41 (Apr - Jun 1992)
    • Wonder Woman v2 #61-62 (Jan - Feb 1992)
    • Wonder Woman v2 #76 (Jul 1993)
    • Spectre v3 #16-18 (Mar - May 1994)

  •  Hypertime

    • Adventures in the DC Universe Annual #1 (1997) - as Inza Nelson

  •  Reprints

    • Immortal Doctor Fate #1-3 (As Inza Nelson & Doctor Fate)

  •  Archives & Trades
    • All-Star Archives #1 - Reprints: All-Star Comics #3-6 (As Inza Nelson)
    • All-Star Archives #2 - Reprints: All-Star Comics #7-10 (As Inza Nelson)
    • All-Star Archives #3 - Reprints: All-Star Comics #11-14 (As Inza Nelson)
    • All-Star Archives #4 - Reprints: All-Star Comics #15-18 (As Inza Nelson)

  •  Television

    • Superman the Animated Series: The Hand of Fate